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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a performing group?
Performers are Junior, Senior, all age drum and bugle corps and “concert†corps. Additionally, performers can be drum lines, colorguards and bands.
A group that participates in any SDCA event is considered a member.
SDCA supports and encourages your membership in DCA or DCI if this is your desire.

What size does the group need to be?
There is no minimum or maximum size requirement.
Performing groups have ranged from 5 to 90 individuals.

How many groups have participated in SDCA?
There have been over 55 groups that have participated.
They range from the less experienced groups to champions from other drum corps circuits. They are located from coast to coast and Canada.

What does it cost to become a member?
There is no membership fee. At the beginning of a season we ask you to provide a $100 refundable bond to assure that you keep your performance commitment with SDCA.
When you perform in all of the events that you committed to your bond is refunded at the end of the season. 
Failure to keep your commitment forfeits your bond.

Does my group make money?
Yes. SDCA pays for your performance through cooperation with community events as well as sharing the gate money from ticket sales. I.E. in 2019 Performing groups received from $300 to $2200 for EACH performance.

What is my performance responsibility as a member?
We ask that you perform for 9 to 13 minutes.
We do suggest that you play “recognizable†music.
A drill is suggested and will extend from the 35 to 35 yard lines and is 50 feet deep.
If you do not choose to do a drill some motion is recommended for audience appeal.
“Concert†corps will be using music stands and parade on a flatbed truck.
At the conclusion of the event you will perform in a massed “SDCA Super Finaleâ€
Additionally, community parades are usually associated with these events.

Is this an indoor or outdoor circuit?
Your performance can be either an indoor or an outdoor event depending on the community requirements and facilities available.
Indoor events called SDCA ARENA can be on a basketball court, field house or a stage.
Outdoor events called SDCA FIELD can be on a football field or a staging area.

What other responsibilities do I have as a member?
You should perform in every possible SDCA event in your region.
This is what makes your region successful.
It is desired that you host your own show.
This is what makes your region grow.

How do I host a show and what are the costs?
There are no upfront fees to SDCA and usually no other costs to host an SDCA show.
Your show will be in conjunction with a local community festival where an SDCA parade and show will be part of the festival entertainment.
Your regional director will guide you through this process.

Are there any SDCA regions in my area?
We continue to grow and develop regions where and when requested.
Visit the “Staff†page to find a region near you and the regional director to contact.  

How do I start a region in my area?
If you would like to start a region in your area an SDCA corporate staff member will meet
with you and all would-be member groups in your prospective region. 
The director or acting director is paid position by sharing the income of that region..

I have additional questions.  If Link Don't Work, Email: sdcaferrara@yahoo.com

I would like my group to join SDCA.  
Email: sdcaferrara@yahoo.com

I want to open a region in my area.   
Email: sdcaferrara@yahoo.com



SDCA membership is open to all classes of drum corps, including, but not limited to junior, senior, alumni and all-age corps.  In addition currently membership is also open to drum lines, color guards and bands.  (“Membersâ€)

SDCA will not interfere with your involvement with DCI or DCA and will make every effort not to conflict with DCI or DCA scheduling.

There is an Annual Membership Deposit (“Depositâ€) of $100 per Member, made payable to the SDCA and due upon signing the “Agreement to Participateâ€.  The Deposit will be refunded at the end of the season to all Members fulfilling their commitment to the schedule of the current year. Members that are a “no show†in the current year will have their Deposit forfeited and doubled in the following year.  After two consecutive years of fulfilling their commitment the Deposit will drop by $100 annually, but not below the required Deposit for the new year.


Promote SDCA Members through the SDCA website, SDCA Facebook page.

Coordinate and maintain performance schedule as to performing Members, location,
date and time.

Promote performances via the SDCA website, SDCA Facebook and DCP and DCW.

Coordinate the performance structure with the sponsoring and participating Members.

To collecting show funds and distribute funds to participating Members.

Hold an annual meeting. Seek SDCA member corps input and suggestions to improve the association and also to resolve any concerns, issues or disputes.

Hold emergency meetings as required.

To assist in locating future performance sites.
To open new regions                          

Each Member shall provide a maximum of two representatives available to SDCA for communications and to participate in SDCA meetings. 
If changes are made, SDCA will be notified via email to SDCAferrara@yahoo.com.
     The Member representatives will review the performance guidelines and
     recommend modifications or enhancements at the annual SDCA meeting. 
     The representatives will be responsible for policing the Performance Guidelines.

It is desired that each Member sponsor one show per year located in or near their
community during the community annual festival.

SDCA Members are committed to provide the best entertainment at each performance
be it a show or parade.
Performances should be geared for optimum audience entertainment.


Performances are defined as Arena Style held in a high school or college gymnasium or outdoor on a football field or a parade. 
Where a parade is scheduled in the same location as the show, it is required to perform in both the show and parade.
    Performances shall be designed with some movement and music appealing and
    entertaining to a general audience. 

    Performances may be judged by people's choice and Olympic style medals will be   



SDCA is a friendly people's choice competitive drum and bugle corps association.  All Members receive an equal share of the gross ticket proceeds or community funded music budget.  It is essential that Member’s program be appealing to a general audience. This association is currently open to drum and bugle corps, drum lines, color guards and bands.
“These guidelines are meant to provide direction and are not intended to limit the performance opportunity of any group or its Members. “


Horns  drum and bugle corps could have a minimum of 10 horns player;  ideal is 10 to 30 horn players, however, when using more horn players please consider the acoustics.
Drum Lines Acoustics should always be considered in an Arena Style Performance.
Color Guard Members are not limited in number. In an arena setting all flag poles should have rubber tip protection and rifles should use a cloth tape, similar to tape used for grip on sporting equipment to protect the Arena. The rifle should be wrapped on both ends. If the rifle edge is beveled before wrapping, the wrap would not prematurely tear. Floor tarp protection will not be used.
Bands  Same as Horns, Drum lines and Color Guard above.
Note: There will not be a pit designation. However, this does not exclude any instruments in the performance.

All groups must:

1. Provide proof of current liability insurance. (mail to SDCA corporate)
2. Provide a 30 second max. bio/read that will be read before your performance.
3. Provide a 10 second max read that will be read immediately after your performance.

Playing Time 9 to 13 minutes 


It is recommended that music played be recognizable tunes for maximum audience entertaining.
In a marching performance a Flag presentation and stand still concert is suggested.

SDCA Super Finale in Mass. Every Member in the performance will participate in the Super finale at the end of the show.  All members shall be prepared to play the mass finale songs as note by the Regional Director.

The music will be available in the Members Login on the website. 
The arrangements will remain the same year after year.
You may read off of a reduced copy of the music during the finale. 
Music stands will not be permitted in the mass finale.

Drill Arena Style is equivalent to the distance between the 35 yard lines on a football field with a
50 foot depth. 
Using this area in designing your performance will function in both the Arena Style show and a Field show. 

For ultimate audience appreciation, it is preferred Members be in motion. 
However, a standstill with a performing color guard is acceptable.  

When the American Flag is used it shall be done with respect.
The American Flag may be posted for most of the performance.

In Arena all instruments are to be carried or wheeled.  Wheeled instruments must have inflatable tires to protect the Arena floor. When any instruments are set onto the floor  protection under the instrument is required.

In Arena members are required to wear shoes that will not mar, scuff or scratch the Arena floor or socks may be worn.

Drill Field Show

Field shows are the type and style of DCI or DCA.

Stand still

Music stands can be used.
Stand still performances may be immediately after a community festival parade.
They can be indoor or out door.
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